an east/south encounter of translocal politics and practices

Peripheralizing Europe is a meeting of activists/researchers/cultural workers connected to the European peripheries, taking place from july 30- august 2nd 2015 near Kaunas/Lithuania. We will be gathering from across the Eastern and Southern peripheries of the continent, to share knowledges, tell of experiences and map out the current situations at the margins of this continent in crisis.

Peripheralizing Europe sets out to re-consider the European crisis from the viewpoint of the margins, understanding that the periphery is a crucial space not just for the reproduction of the centre but also a key site for the articulation of struggles and counterhegemonic practices. We will thus re-map various peripheral regions and struggles, talking about our ways of positioning, prioritizing and organizing – in order to enable new translations and compositions across them. The aim of this encounter is to enable us to get to know singular experiences as well as shared dilemmas and to develop common notions across them, in order to build networks of knowledge sharing and mutual support.

We will be working across a variety of formats and themes in this encounter, ranging from micropolitical to geopolitical issues, and from drifts and workshops to panel debates. Across Thursday 30th july (evening) to Sunday 1st August (afternoon), we will discuss: movements and politics in Lithuania, Knowledge production across territories and contexts, Peripheries and post-soviet geo-political conflict, Migration and displacement from the peripheries, and Social movements and new electoral platforms.

Organised by: LeftEast, Murmurae, Egzilis (LT)
Supported by: Fundación de los Comunes, Žeimiai

When: July 30th – August 2nd 2015.

Where: Žeimiai, close to Kaunas, Lithuania (easy to get to via air or bus).

Costs: Accommodation is free, food and drink are 10€/day. We are operating a sliding scale of contributions and support based on different financial situations, and are waiting to hear about funding sources that can support travel. Write us for more info.

Registration/application deadline: 15th June. Please register HERE.
With doubts, write to peripheralizingeurope [;at]

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We will confirm places by 20th june (30 indoor beds; camping space is abundant).